So I was going back through some really old designs and came across the 3rd incarnation of The Abuse website. Imagine a time when the internet was still very young. We were the first local band to have their very own dot com. Most of everything I had done before was completely hard coded. This site was the first instance where I used design software (Microsoft Frontpage) as well as Shockwave Flash. This was all Freeware, but used a lot of bandwith. I had the domain pointed to my own computer in my appartment. As far as I knew, it never went down. I will try to recode for all the broken links as best I can, but damn! This site rocked for year 2000 or so.


You can also see in the footer how I’ve gone from P.S. Webdesigns  to PST Designs. Short leap. LOL.

view it here


Old stuff

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